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Re: Declarative packaging

Niels Thykier, 2017-06-27 07:34:00 +0000 :


> After this, we need something other than triggers.  Triggers are great
> for regenerating global caches but they are not good at delegating
> targeted functionality out like:
>  * This package needs user X to be created dynamically with home set
>    to H with login shell S.
>  * This package wants to enable and start service Y, but obviously first
>    after creating user X (which the service runs as)
>  * The user X also needs to own a few files or directories at location
>    Z (possibly including the home directory H).  Ideally, this should
>    be done before starting the service Y.

  Sounds like embedding something Puppet-like in dpkg… Declarative, with
dependencies (and triggers), yet with potential for dynamic stuff.

Roland Mas

Indépendant en informatique libre -- Free software freelance

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