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Re: Intended MBF: maintainer scripts not using strict mode

On Tue, Jun 27, 2017 at 4:23 AM, Ralf Treinen wrote:

> we currently have in sid 84 maintainer scripts not using strict mode.
> That is, they neither start on "#!/bin/[ba]sh -e", nor do a "set -e".
> The list is attached. This list includes the 12 remaining scripts not
> starting on #! (bugs are already filed for these).

Looks like you were talking about these bugs:


> What is your opinion? Policy says "should", not "must". If you agree
> with the MBF, what do you think would be the appropriate severity?

I note that naively adding "set -e" can make shell scripts more
brittle, especially when using diff or other commands that can return
failure in unforeseen circumstances. When doing the MBF, please remind
people to read their scripts, note the range of exit codes for each
command and add "|| true" for commands that return failure exit codes
that do not indicate failures or indicate conditions that should not
terminate the maintainer script.

PS: will you be packaging the software produced by the CoLiS project?
PPS: the lintshell link on the CoLiS website requires a login.



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