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Re: Bug#782654: ITP: bazel, but it builds against its earlier version.

Indeed as Philipp said it is not as simple as packaging dependencies. However the Bazel team is going to do some of the refactoring needed and will accept any help for that.

Here the current dicussion document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VuYv41U_Esjrl0umu-uO3hUK4WNnCiG0pXZgjliHfTw

On Sun, Jun 25, 2017 at 5:06 PM Philipp Kern <phil@philkern.de> wrote:
On 6/23/2017 11:06 AM, PaulLiu wrote:
> That's great. I didn't know that because I'm using git and just checkout
> the version tags.
> So the thing left is to clean-up the binary jar files inside that zip
> and replaced by the Debian and modify the classpath.

I don't think it's quite that easy, but I wish you luck. :)

However in terms of how to get it in in the first place: For
bootstrapping the usual way is to do an upload per architecture that has
been built using a locally installed version of the package and then
binNMU it in the archive against itself.

Kind regards
Philipp Kern

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