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Re: versioned Provides status


On 18/06/17 19:26, Niko Tyni wrote:
> [bcc'd -release as a heads-up, but I guess this should stay on -devel]
> Hi, and thanks to everybody who contributed to the stretch release!
> As discussed in #758100, I'd like to switch to using versioned Provides
> in perl/perl-base/perl-modules-5.xx for buster. I'd be interested to
> hear if anybody knows of any remaining blockers for that.
> The change is already in place in experimental for the Perl 5.26 packages,
> and our test rebuilds indicate things seem to be working OK. The issues
> on the archive / infrastructure side that I'm aware of have been fixed:
>  - britney support has been in place for a year (#786803)
>  - wanna-build should be fine with the dose3 in stretch (#786671)
> There's an open policy bug about this in #761219. I see a dozen or so
> packages (mostly PHP related) in sid already seem to be using versioned
> Provides, so the archive does seem ready, but I'm trying to play it
> safe with such core packages as the src:perl ones.
> My current thinking would be not to couple this change with the future
> Perl 5.26 transition, so I'm planning to push this into sid (= the 5.24
> packages) soonish. Unless there's a reason not to?

One thing I did notice recently was #864906 in apt-cudf where versioned
provides broke the acuspd resolver slightly. I guess this will only
affect experimental builds though (where that resolver is used).


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