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Re: Debian Reiser4

Good day, Ladislav-

On Sat, May 27, 2017 at 12:06 AM, Ladislav Bodnar
<ladislav@distrowatch.com> wrote:
> 27.05.2017, 15:03, "Jose R R" <jose.r.r@metztli.com>:
>> It has as base the official Debian Jessie AMD64 distribution:
>> < https://sf.net/projects/debian-reiser4/ >
> The word "Debian" is registered trademark. Please find another name for your
> distribution.
> Ladislav

Taking heed of your advice, and on the occasion of June 17, 2017, the
official Debian Stretch release date, I hereby let you know that I
have created alternate Stretch web name for referenced project:
Metztli Reiser4 < https://sf.net/projects/metztli-reiser4/ > so as not
to infringe on Debian's trademark.

In this new debian-installer I began experimenting with Reiser4
-patched experimental kernel 'trunk' -- made available by DD Ben --
advancing gradually until I achieved Linux kernel
4.11.4-1+reiser4.0.1. Which is the kernel that I uploaded and released
on @sourceforge today. Thus, I believe is the only reiser4 -enabled
Stretch released with Linux kernel 4.11 (please note some of the
images reference 'trunk' from my prior experiments).

I have stripped nano editor from the installer and replaced it with
excellent xvi editor < https://github.com/martinwguy/xvi >; and as a
backup there remains elvis-tiny wrapped by vi. Although my testing has
been on limited hardware and cloud environments, I think those
referenced vi-clones will be dormant and awakened to 'save the day'
during unanticipated situations.

Even for a non-expert installation, Metztli-Reiser4 for AMD64 makes
sure to install the reiser4 -enabled kernel at the end of the routine.

Best Professional Regards.

Jose R R
Download Metztli-Reiser4: Debian Stretch with Linux 4.11
for AMD64 https://sf.net/projects/metztli-reiser4/
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