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Dedication signature

Hi Jonathan Wiltshire,

My signature to the dedication.


I. De Marchi

> Hi,
> My apologies that this is rather short notice. We deferred discussion
> of the subject in 2015 to "nearer the release", and then promptly
> failed to add it to any checklists.
> Debian 9 "stretch" will be dedicated to Ian Murdock. Whilst
> dedications in more specific areas of Debian development are
> generally preferred, the founder of the project is a common sense
> exception. As is traditional, the dedication will be expressed by a
> file on the mirrors and CD images.
> We welcome every Debian developer, maintainer, translator, or
> contributor in any other field to join us in signing this dedication.
> If you wish to do so, please:
>   * Download the dedication file:
>     https://people.debian.org/~jmw/dedication-9.0.txt
>   * Verify the sha1sum: fb37a995eebad8ced194709a9a2eb7a68ad8979c
>   * Create a detached, ascii-armoured signature in a file with your
> name, underscore-separate. Use of proper capitalisation is
> appreciated. For example, mine is called Jonathan_Wiltshire:
>        gpg -bao Your_Name dedication-9.0.txt
>   * Mail the file as an attachment directly to me, jmw@debian.org
> with the subject line "Dedication signature". I will collate them.
> Owing to the proximity of the release, the deadline for signatures
> is 2016-06-16 18:00 UTC (Friday). I am aware that this does not leave
> very much time and I'm sorry about that; I will make one further
> update to the signatures archive around the time of the first point
> release for anyone who cannot meet this schedule.
> Thanks,
> For the release team:

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