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Re: "Ask HN: What do you want to see in Ubuntu 17.10?"

I would certainly reiterate this:

Some versions of Ubuntu (at least trusty, xenial) have the added
"feature" to keep older kernel versions when installing new ones.  It
kind of makes sense to keep at least the previous one (in case of a
regression), but keeping every new patch-version is too much.

Debian doesn't do this (except when the ABI version or upstream version
is new, I think).

apt-get autoremove is supposed to remove the unneeded ones, but
apparently does not.  (And users can't be expected to remember this

On Ubuntu this can fill /boot every few weeks.  In a user group today
I've helped two Ubuntu users who'd run into this problem and been unable
to install new packages/updates as a result.  In the past months I've
seen this about 10 times on all manner of *buntu systems.  (It's a very
popular OS around here, apart from this problem!).

Steven Chamberlain

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