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Re: Too many Recommends (in particular on mail-transport-agent)

Quoting Christian Seiler (2017-06-07 15:26:35)
>   - You install package A, which Recommends: B, but you don't
>     want B, notice that at the time, and either remove B
>     afterwards, or install A with --no-install-recommends. But
>     then you install package C at a later point in time, which
>     actually depends on B. You notice that C is not what you
>     wanted, purge it again, but apt-get autoremove will _not_
>     remove B, even though it's automatically installed, because
>     A recommends it.
>     So basically, the following command sequence may or may not
>     leave your system in an identical state, depending on the
>     packages that previously have been installed on your system:
>        apt-get install A
>        apt-get purge A
>        apt-get autoremove --purge
>     Unfortunately, I don't see a good solution to this problem,
>     and I've thought about this a lot in the past.

You may want to have a look at the following apt configuration setting:

APT::AutoRemove::RecommendsImportant "false";

It controls whether "autoremove" also considers autoremoving packages that are
only pulled in because of a Recommends relationship.


cheers, josch

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