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TAG: lina -- iso-compliant Forth interpreter and compiler

Package: wntpp
Severity: wishlist

Homepage: https://github.com/albertvanderhorst/ciforth
lina is a 32 bit classic Forth system, (mostly) compliant to the
ISO Forth94 standard, with a library in source form.
It is small, yet allows to generate elf-executables that can be
shipped to and run by non-Forth-aware users. This is unique among
Forth's available to linux.
It has no dependancies, so it can be used instead of a
c-compilation system or Python scripter, where size matters.
Also simplicity engenders reliability.

Architecture: This package is (for now) limited to i386 and
amd86 architectures.

Background: The system is in use since 2000. It has an extensive
regressiontest and comprehensive documentation. It is part of the
ciforth family with compatible systems for MS-windows, OSX and
MS-DOS (and similar compilers for Dec Alpha, 6809, Renesas 16, ARM)
It has been used to build an assembler/disassembler (ciasdis)
that has some notoriety.

The license is GPL2 for the compiler itself. LPGPL applies to all
library elements, including those contained within the compiler

contains current releases. Binary releases are at 5.3.0 for
Linux, MS-windows and OSX.

is generated by a script debian.sh from a lina_#.tar.gz release.
A binary release contains the one(!) source file, so a binary release
can serve as an upstream source package.
This should help a prospective sponsor to swiftly go towards RFP.

I'm the developer and maintainer since 2000 and
I'm planning on continuing to develop and maintain it. Also
I'm willing to adapt the package in order to smoothen the
cooperation with Debian.

Greetings, Albert
Suffering is the prerogative of the strong, the weak -- perish.
Albert van der Horst

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