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Bug#858073: apparent freeze when exiting text session on second vt while X is running on first vt

Package: general
Severity: important

Dear Maintainer,

I do not know under which package this bug should be filed or what additional
information is needed to help solve this.

I am running Debian stretch and have configured it to give me text consoles on
boot. I have intel graphics and for Xorg I am using the modesetting driver 
which has been the default for some time.

The steps to reproduce the bug are as follows:

1) login on first vt.
2) run "startx" on frist vt.

X is now running normally.

3) Ctrl+Alt+F2
4) login on second vt.

I can use the text console normally. I can also switch back and forth between
the first vt (with X) and the second vt (text console) without problems.

5) run "exit" on second vt.

I now automaticaly see my X session on the first vt again. However, I can not
move the mouse and my keyboard is not working. The system seems to be frozen.

6) Alt+F1

After typing Alt+F1 in the frozen state, the X server dies and I get back
the text console. I can now start X again.

Note: If I override the driver by putting Driver "intel" into xorg.conf,
I get the same behaviour except that after Step 6 my screen just turns
black completely.

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