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Re: convention on listen port local or all network interfaces etc.

On Feb 21, Patrick Schleizer <patrick-mailinglists@whonix.org> wrote:

> At the moment it looks like there is no convention for where server
> applications are configured to listen by default, on localhost vs. all
> interfaces. Looks like deciding that is up to the upstream author of the
> software as well as the packager. Then it's up to the system
As it should be: different packages reasonably have different purposes 
and so different defaults to be as useful as possibile when installed.

> So far we at Whonix had discussions with ricochet-im, onionshare,
> ZeroNet and unMessage. They are all interested to make their
> applications compatible with Whonix. However, asking each individual
> project to `/etc/application-specific.d` folder where Whonix then could
> drop a `/etc/application-specific.d/30_whonix.conf` that says
> `listen=` is a lot duplicate effort and not that desirable
> for these applications because they have not yet any need for
> `/etc/application-specific.d/`.
Indeed. This can easily be solved in a general way by implementing 
systemd socket activation in these daemons.
This way you will be able to drop files in /etc/systemd/system/ to make 
them bind to a specific address or interface.


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