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Re: changelog practice, unfinalised vs UNRELEASED vs ~version

Hi Ian,
On Sun, Feb 12, 2017 at 12:48:35PM +0000, Ian Jackson wrote:
> We do not seem to have a coherent approach to how to handle
> debian/changelog in trees (eg, vcs branches) which are not yet ready
> for upload.
> See below two examples of things done differently.
> The questions are:
> Q1. Should the suite in the changelog entry be UNRELEASED,
>     or the suite at which the vcs branch is targeted ?

DEP14 allows for branching schemes that have the desired suite included
like debian/sid, debian/experimental, debian/stretch so the information
is included in the VCS and UNRELEASED only indicates the "not finished
yet" part.

> Q2. Should the changelog entry be finalised ?  That is, should it
>     have an uploader name and date ?
> Q3. Should the version number be the intended next version number,
>     or should it be decorated with ~something ?  If it should
>     be decorated, what should it be decorated with ?

gbp dch adds a ~<N>.gbp<M> by default. N being the snapshot number (the
nth time you ran dbp dch since the last release) and <M> being the first
digits of the sha1. This allows for

   * easy identification of snapshot builds
   * increasing version numbers useful for e.g. CI builds.
   * a version number that is smaller than the final release number
     so systems having snapshot builds can be easily upgraded to
     release versions
   * a mapping back to the git commit until when the changelog was

 -- Guido

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