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Re: Bug#843906: tftpd, removal in favour of tftpd-hpa

On 2017-02-13 11:34 +0000, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Michael Biebl writes ("Re: Bug#843906: tftpd, removal in favour of tftpd-hpa"):
> > Have you thought about turning tftpd into an empty transitional package
> > which pulls in tftpd-hpa on upgrades?
> Implicitly you point out the flaw in my suggestion.  tftpd-hpa can't
> consume tftpd configurations and we don't have a config converter.
> This shows that this question is more complicated and we should wait.
> I will try to remember to bring this up after buster opens.

Please, do. This is about a decade overdue now.

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