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Re: ITP: golang-github-choueric-cmdmux -- Package cmdmux implements a command parser and router for terminal programme.

 ❦  9 février 2017 11:07 +0800, Haishan Zhou <zhssmail@gmail.com> :

> Multi-level sub commands. cli or subcommands can create app behaving
> like git which has only one subcommand level, such as "$ git commit
> [options]". But I hope to implement the something like "$ kbdashboard
> build image" or "$ kbdashboard install image".  The pattern is like
> "build/image" and "install/image".
> Because there may be many levels for sub-commands, I think a
> completion file is important. It can help user utilise this program
> more effectively.

spf13/cobra does that too.
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