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Bug#854490: RFP: xva-img -- Citrix XenServer .xva disk extraction tool

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

* Package name    : xva-img
  Version         : 1.4
  Upstream Author : Erik Lax <erik@halon.se>
* URL or Web page : https://github.com/eriklax/xva-img
* License         : GPL-2+
  Description     : Citrix XenServer .xva disk extraction tool

xva-image is a tool to generate disk images from Citrix XenServer .xva
VM images as well as to generate .xva VM images from raw disks and the
according ova.xml files.

It's for example needed if you want to forensically analyse a virtual
machine in .xva format on a non-Citrix operating system.


I've X-Debbugs-Cc'ed the Debian Forensics Team as well as the Kali
Developers as I assume that those are most likely interested in such a

I'll probably come up with a complete packaging for this tool, but don't
want to maintain it alone, hence RFP and not ITP.

But I might maintain the tool within a team, e.g. under the Debian
Forensics Team. I just don't have very often such files around for
testing as I don't have access to such a server. So maybe someone who
has more often contact with servers running Citrix XenServer could jump
on the bandwagon, too, to maintain the package together.

(Of course I don't mind if someone else takes over and maintains it
alone. :-)

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