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Re: Bug#854183: ITP: node-time-out

Shirish Togarla <shirishtogarla533@gmail.com> writes:

> The link is https://git.fosscommunity.in/shirish/node-time-out.git

That does not seem to include any history, which is a bit of a shame,
Do you not have a clone of Mark Funk's github repository?

BTW do you happen to know why he appears to have deleted his repository?
If he's no longer willing to be upstream, are you happy to take on that
role (which is what you appear to be doing by setting up a repo. and
packaging it).

Also, the description seems a bit strange:

  Simple setTimeout cancellation

I presume this also allows one to set a timeout, as well as cancel it.
If not, the package name seems rather misleading.

Cheers, Phil.
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