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Re: Find all consumers of private symbols

Am 31.01.2017 um 13:31 schrieb Benjamin Drung:
> Hi,
> libibverbs provides symbols for their public library API and internal
> symbols for their plugins libraries. Sadly the internal symbols are
> exposed in libibverbs. Upstream wants to make these symbols private,
> but without bumping the soname.
> The rdma-core source package will ship libibverbs and all library
> plugins. So this source package can ensure that no incompatible
> combination of the library and the plugins is installed. Now my
> question: How can I check if there are packages in Debian that consume
> these internal symbols?


Aside from that, you can can test-build all reverse dependencies of
libibverbs. (apt-cache rdepends, reverse-build-depends from

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