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Bug#853053: ITP: emacs-bind-map -- bind personal keymaps in multiple locations

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Lev Lamberov <dogsleg@debian.org>

* Package name    : emacs-bind-map
  Version         : 1.1.1
  Upstream Author : Justin Burkett <justin@burkett.cc>
* URL             : https://github.com/justbur/emacs-bind-map
* License         : GPL-3+
  Programming Lang: Emacs Lisp
  Description     : bind personal keymaps in multiple locations

`bind-map' is an Emacs package providing the macro bind-map which can
be used to make a keymap available across different "leader keys"
including ones tied to evil states. It is essentially a
generalization of the idea of a leader key as used in vim or the
Emacs `evil-leader' package, and allows for an arbitrary number of
"leader keys". This is probably best explained with an example.

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