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Re: Where can build scripts be found? [and 1 more messages]

Thomas Nyberg writes ("Re: Where can build scripts be found?"):
> I just confirmed that installing build-essential doesn't work and it
> still throws the same error. Should I open up a bug report for this?
> Does this count as a bug?


Normally a bug like this ("package will not build") is a serious bug,
but in this case it seems like it's "package will not build in
slightly-nonstandard environment".

> Does there happen to be any "input" log for that log? I see the echoed
> output, but I can't see the script that was executed.

See Sven's mail:

Sven Joachim writes ("Re: Where can build scripts be found?"):
> This seems to be a recurring problem in Mozilla's build process, it
> fails because SHELL is not set in the environment.  You can work around
> that by passing --preserve-envvar=SHELL to debuild.

In the meantime this should be worked around in the Debian packaging,
by setting and exporting SHELL in debian/rules.

I would try adding

  export SHELL=/bin/bash

somewhere near the top of debian/rules.  If that fixes it, you should
send the diff to the Debian bug system and tag your bug "patch".


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