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Re: manpages.debian.org has been modernized!

On Thu, Jan 19, 2017 at 1:23 AM, Michael Stapelberg wrote:

> https://manpages.debian.org has been modernized! We have just launched
> a major update to our manpage repository. What used to be served via a
> CGI script is now a statically generated website, and therefore
> blazingly fast.

My dman shell function is now broken:

dman () {
        w3m "https://manpages.debian.org/man0/$1";

The manpages.d.o URLs on these pages are broken:



The previous site had 0 as a wildcard for any section.

> While we were at it, we have restructured the paths so that we can
> serve all manpages, even those whose name conflicts with other binary
> packages (e.g. crontab(5) from cron, bcron or systemd-cron). Don’t
> worry: the old URLs are redirected correctly.

Does this take into account that some manual pages are available only
on certain architectures? Or that some manual pages might differ
between architectures?

In #264589 I wrote a patch for packages.debian.org to link to manual
pages from a few locations. Could you advise on any changes I should
make to the links in the patch?

> Furthermore, the design of the site has been updated and now includes
> navigation panels that allow quick access to the manpage in other
> Debian versions, other binary packages, other sections and other
> languages. Speaking of languages, the site serves manpages in all
> their available languages and respects your browser’s language when
> redirecting or following a cross-reference.

I notice you force the URL to contain the package, version, language
and format, I would prefer normal URLs to not include either of those
and the defaults to be chosen via Accept-* if they are not part of the
URL. The links could then override them as needed.

Would it be possible to titlecase the section names in the table of
contents and in the HTML?

Personally I much prefer non-monospaced text when reading
documentation. IIRC the debmans code did this better.

The manual page converter seems to use line breaks rather than proper
paragraph tags.

The Debian logo appears to be missing when I view the site in Tor
Browser on high security mode, due to the use of SVG with no fallback.

Non-truncated version numbers don't need the popup like truncated ones do.

IIRC, according to the design principles  of the current Debian
website design, the 'Index' link should not be present because the
link above it points at the same place.


Can you change the top 'MANPAGES' link to 'Manual pages' instead? Any
other occurrences should change too (such as on the suite contents

The suite contents pages contain a lot of whitespace on desktop
browsers. Just putting every manual page on one long line to be
wrapped by the browser might be better.

If I press up in my browser, these URLs don't work or do the wrong thing:


> Much like the Debian package tracker, manpages.debian.org includes
> packages from Debian oldstable, oldstable-backports, stable,
> stable-backports, testing and unstable. New manpages should make their
> way onto manpages.debian.org within a few hours.

I'd really suggest using suite names by default instead of codenames
in the text of the versions section and in all URLs, with the
codenames also supported in URLs though.

> We’d love to hear your feedback and thoughts. Either contact us via an
> issue on https://github.com/Debian/debiman/issues/, or send an email
> to the debian-doc mailing list (see
> https://lists.debian.org/debian-doc/).

It would be really nice if man-db had support for both manpages.d.o
and manpages.u.c.

Highlighting some more of the features on the front page might be useful.

Is the rebuilding of new and updated manual pages triggered by Debian
mirror pushes?

Are incoming.debian.org/archive.debian.org to be used as sources of
manual pages too?

I hope you aren't hard-coding any architecture info or codenames in
the source code or configs :)


You may want to mention this on debian-derivatives, to the
manpages.u.c maintainers and to the maintainers of other distros
manual page websites, some of them might like to use it, although Go
might put some of them off.

The wiki page needs to be rewritten now that debmans is dropped and
debiman is used on the site.




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