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Re: manpages.debian.org has been modernized!

On Wed, 18 Jan 2017, Michael Stapelberg wrote:
> https://manpages.debian.org has been modernized! We have just launched
> a major update to our manpage repository. What used to be served via a
> CGI script is now a statically generated website, and therefore
> blazingly fast.

Oooh, nice! A big thank you for all involved!

> Much like the Debian package tracker, manpages.debian.org includes
> packages from Debian oldstable, oldstable-backports, stable,
> stable-backports, testing and unstable. New manpages should make their
> way onto manpages.debian.org within a few hours.

Maybe you could consider adding the manpages from packages in contrib as
well?  Unlike non-free, the licenses in contrib are all compatible with
the DFSG, so they must not have any license restrictions that would get
in the way...

  Henrique Holschuh

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