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Re: [RFC] The PIE unholy mess

On Wed, 2017-01-18 at 08:10:53 +0100, Bálint Réczey wrote:
> 2017-01-18 4:34 GMT+01:00 Guillem Jover <guillem@debian.org>:
> > So, I'd like to know how people feel about the requested interface
> > (i.e. not enabling PIE globally from dpkg-buildflags). If there's
> > consensus that porters and maintainers want that, I'll just change
> > dpkg-buildflags to do this, even though I think it's a very
> > suboptiomal behavior.
> To detail the requested interface (requested originally in #835149 and
> then in #848129 currently) is:
> * Enable PIE in GCC on a set of architectures (GCC-PIE-ARCH-es)
> * On every GCC-PIE-ARCH make dpkg-buildflags' "-pie" a noop, "+pie"
>   still adds pie flag to compiler flags
>   ("hardening=+all,-pie" would pass no PIE related flag to compiler)
> * On every non GCC-PIE-ARCH leave dpkg-buildflags work as they did
> before changing GCC's defaults
> * Don't pass -specs from dpkg in any case

Err, pretty much *no*. You have requested this several times now, and
as I've also mentioned several times, this is not going to happen,
otherwise I'd just declare PIE unsupportable and request for it to be
reverted. Not using specs files will just break lots of stuff. Making
it extremely hard for maintainers to disable PIE is just antisocial. :/

The requested interface is to make dpkg-buildflags:

 * Only emit PIE options when requested by the builder or the package
 * Only emit PIE options when needed, depending on whether gcc has PIE
   enabled by default on that arch or not.

So on release arches with -all or -pie, -specs options would be
emitted to disable PIE. And on non-release arches with +all or +pie,
-specs options would be emitted to enable PIE. Otherwise nothing would
be emitted.

And to reiterate I think this is suboptimal and inconsistent and
IMO ideally (which is what would have happened if this would have
been enabled via dpkg-buildflags from the beginning), gcc should
enable this globally, and then dpkg-buildflags would only emit -specs
files to disable PIE on -all or -pie.


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