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Re: Auto reject if autopkgtest of reverse dependencies fail or cause FTBFS

Ole Streicher:
>>> >> What is the reason not to use automated bug reports here? This would
>>> >> allow to use all the tools the bug system has: severities, reassigning
>>> >> closing etc.
>> >
>> > [...]
> I already don't understand this with the piuparts blocker: we have an
> established workflow for problems with packages that need some
> intervention, and this is bugs.d.o. This has a lot of very nice
> features, like:
>  * discussion of the problem attached to the problem itself and stored
>    for reference
>  * formal documentation of problem solving in the changelog (Closes: #)
>  * severities, tags, re-assignments, affects etc.
>  * maintainer notifications, migration blocks, autoremovals etc.
>  * documented manual intervention possible
> I don't see a feature that one would need for piuparts complaints or for
> CI test failures that is not in our bug system. And (I am not sure)
> aren't already package conflict bugs autogenerated?
> I would really prefer to use the bug system instead of something else.

There exists no "auto-bug-filing" tool that people approve of for this
kind of purpose.  You are very welcome to introduce such a tool - I
would be happy to see it for FTBFS regressions on buildds.
  In the absence of such a tool, existing and future QA checks for
gating will be implemented directly in Britney.  Mind you, even if such
a auto-bug-filing tool were created, there will always be control checks
in Britney that will only be overridable by the release team.

Personally, I do not have the capacity to create such a tool.  Instead,
I have been working on making Britney's migration policy decisions
available in a machine-parsable format (available from [1]).
  It is still WIP[2], but it does include piuparts, aging and RC bugs
blockers.  Plus it would also include autopkgtests information once we
add that.
  Ideally, I would finish that up and have it integrated into
tracker.d.o or/and UDD (related dep: DEP-2?).


[1] https://release.debian.org/britney/excuses.yaml

[2] If you are considering to import this data set, please let me know.
We still tweak the format/values now and then, so it is better if I can
notify you in advance, rather than break your importer without knowing it.

Related note: Feedback from prospective importers welcome (please follow
up in a separate thread).

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