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Re: Converting to dgit


On Fri, 06 Jan 2017, Ghislain Vaillant wrote:
> > I don't use it often enough to remember all the details either.  I don't 
> > recall the last time I had to do more than copy/paste a command from the man 
> > page (OK, git-dpm tag I can remember).
> Besides, git-dpm usually tells you what command to run next, like:
> git-dpm import-new-upstream -> git-dpm rebase-patched -> git-dpm update-patches
> It did not take me much time to adapt to the git-dpm workflow as a
> result. I should say that I have been a happy git-dpm user so far.

And I have been a very unhappy user with python-django. If by mistake, you
use "gbp import-orig" instead of "git-dpm import-new-upstream" then you're
completely screwed because git-dpm relies on metadata it manually stores
in debian/.git-dpm, it does not rely on git's history to figure out the
appropriate data. Same if you change any patch outside with a third party

So I have opened the manual page many times to read about the format of
that file and tried to fix up the inconsistent meta-data.

Also it's really painful to use with multiple branches as you can't really
merge branches together:

It produces a very verbose git history as soon as you have a significant
number of patches, even if most of them do not change at all across a
minor upstream release.

Also it's effectively orphaned, nobody is taking care of bugs.


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