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Re: Bug#791828: dput-ng: Please make coinstallable with dput

Am Montag, den 02.01.2017, 10:16 +1100 schrieb Ben Finney:
> On 08-Jul-2015, Tobias Frost wrote:
> > I'd love to use both dput and dput-ng without the need of
> > installing
> > the version I'd use next..
> As discussed briefly in the thread from 2016-12, my counter-proposal
> is that the two packages should ideally:
> * Be alternative implementations of the same set of features, so that
>   any features that people actually use should be implemented in
> each.
> * Eventually converge so closely that they merge, and there is just
>   one ‘dput’ that is the single obvious package to install.

Until then it would be really useful to have both installable.

Just having to uninstall / install the other package when one needs the
 other one is really annoying. 
We'd also have the alternatives system  so that both could still use
the command name dput primarily but for special cases could select the
one I need for the job...

> > Thanks for consdering!
> I look forward to working (gradually and carefully) with the ‘dput-
> ng’
> maintainers to make this request redundant :-)

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