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Re: armel after Stretch (was: Summary of the ARM ports BoF at DC16)

On Thu, 2016-12-08 at 23:12 +0100, Christoph Biedl wrote:
> Roger Shimizu wrote...
> > I'm ARM porter on armel/marvell (orion5x/kirkwood).
> > Stretch will be frozen and released soon, which makes me bit depressed, 
> > because it means armel will be dropped out of unstable/testing as the 
> > conclusion of Cape Town BoF.
> Same here. My Dockstars (orion5x/kirkwood) still work like a charm and
> it gives a bad feeling having to trash them some day just because
> there's no support any more.
> On the other hand, they face another problem I guess is typical for
> that generation, just by the age: Memory.

Also, dedicated tiny flash partitions for the kernel and initrd.  I
wouldn't be surprised to be find that by the time we want to release
buster we can't build a useful kernel that fits into the 2 MB partition
that most of these devices seem to have.

As it is, stretch will be supported until 2020, maybe 2022 on armel. 
Is it really worthwhile to add another 2 years to that?


Ben Hutchings
Logic doesn't apply to the real world. - Marvin Minsky

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