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Re: OpenSSL 1.1.0 / transition process

On 2016-11-15 17:42:59 [+0100], Daniel Pocock wrote:
> Would the OpenSSL maintainers and/or release managers consider making a
> wiki page about the transition with the most common questions about it,
> similar to the upstream wiki but with a Debian focus?

I started one at

> The questions which come to my mind (and may already be answered):
> - will it definitely go ahead for stretch?
> - will the stretch freeze and release dates be delayed to allow people
> to catch up?
> - is it expected that package maintainers spend time patching for this,
> or we can wait for upstreams to support it?

I can't answer those. I just copied them into the Wiki hoping someone

> - given the huge number of packages listed on the transition page, I
> couldn't help feeling that it would be useful to be able to get some
> reports about how many packages have now had a bug forwarded upstream,
> how many upstreams have released a newer version with the fix, how many
> upstreams have a fix that is not released, etc

I added to the wiki a few links:
- my ben page. Similar to release team's page but it shows which package
  moved to 1.0 and which more towards 1.1. (updated ~17.15 UTC).

- BTS user tags bugs. All bugs reported by Kurt and myself were user

> Regards,
> Daniel


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