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Re: DEP14 policy for two dots

On 09.11.2016 [23:38:30 +0000], Ian Jackson wrote:
> Nish Aravamudan writes ("Re: DEP14 policy for two dots"):
> > Thank you! We will follow the same in the Ubuntu tooling used by the Server
> > Team.
> Great, thanks.
> Can I ask you a rather unrelated question ?  AIUI you are working on
> importing Ubuntu's history into git.  That's great.

Yep, our original use-case was 'Ubuntu merges' where there is some
Ubuntu delta from the Debian package has has to be maintained and
reapplied to new Debian publications.

> Can you confirm what approach you have taken to the representation of
> Debian source packges as git trees ?  I would like to encourage you to
> use a representation which is compatible with dgit.

I think we are fairly compatible. The only difference would be the
actual git commits themselves, I think, because we treat Launchpad as
our canonical source of information, while dgit uses the Debian archive

> That is, the git tree object should look exactly like the results of
> `dpkg-source -x', except that the .pc directory which dpkg-source
> creates for `3.0 (quilt)' packages is deleted.

Yes, we use `dpkg-source -x --skip-patches` on an appropriate DSC file
for both Debian and Ubuntu publications. That is the tree we commit with
appropriate parents (as determined by Launchpad's publication history
and the d/changelog file).

> It would probably be nice if the commit history structure of imported
> source packges was a bit like the dgit imports.  Or better if it were
> identical, but that's probably too much to ask for because you
> probably do not want to make dgit 2.x a dependency for your project.

I will spend some time next week looking at what dgit imports look like,
but I'm guessing they are not the same currently.

> I encourage you to try out dgit 2.x and see what you think of its
> efforts for some existing source packages.  Eg `dgit clone libvirt
> stretch'.

I will do this soon, to compare, thanks!


P.S. Totally a plug, but I will be hosting a UOS talk about the importer
and git trees next week:

Nishanth Aravamudan
Ubuntu Server
Canonical Ltd

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