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Re: call for participation - Debian contributors survey, 1st ed.


On 07.11.2016 09:07, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> TL;DR: all Debian contributors --- from bug reporters to Debian project
> members and participants in any Debian team --- are invited to take part
> in the first edition of the Debian contributors survey. To participate
> visit:
>   http://debian.limequery.org/696747
> The deadline for participation is: 4 December 2016, at 23:59 UTC.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> This is the first instance of what we hope will become a recurring
> annual survey of Debian contributors. The survey is intended to help the
> Debian project and community by enabling them to understand and document
> the evolution of the project's population over time, through the lenses
> of common demographics.
> In addition, each year the survey will explore a specific aspect of the
> project. The focus for this first edition is on work and labour issues,
> specifically on the extent to which Debian contributors are volunteers
> or paid to work on Debian, and on how that affects their contributions.
> Participation in the survey is completely anonymous, with no logging of
> any provenance information (e.g., IP address, HTTP referrer), and all
> questions are optional.  The survey is conducted using the Free Software
> platform LimeSurvey and hosted by LimeSurvey.org.  The results of the
> survey will be analyzed as part of ongoing research work by the
> organizers and released in aggregate form only. A report discussing the
> results will be published under a DFSG-free license and distributed to
> the Debian community as soon as it's ready. The raw, disaggregated
> answers will not be distributed and will be processed under the
> responsibility of the organizers.
> The survey will remain open until: 4 December 2016, 23:59 UTC.
> If you have any questions, you can always reach the survey organizers
> at:
> - Mathieu ONeil (mathieu.oneil@canberra.edu.au)
> - Molly de Blanc (deblanc@riseup.net)
> - Stefano Zacchiroli (zack@debian.org)
> We thank you in advance for your participation!
> For the organizers,

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