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Re: Is missing SysV-init support a bug?

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On 2016-10-17 at 17:53, Bart Schouten wrote:

I would consider that bigotry as SystemD is short pretty much for
System Daemon.

While this is a reasonable point, it doesn't invalidate Nikolas' point:
that the people behind the systemd project A: do not consider it to be
spelled that way (and, yes, capitalization is part of correct spelling,
at least when it comes to names), B: are likely to perceive the refusal
to spell it in the way which they see as correct to be a sign of
hostility, and C: are likely to react accordingly to that perceived

If that is the case then they have enbedded hostility into their name simply becaus eit offends normal grammar roles.

If ou are ygoing to name your son "john" and then insist that everyone write your name in lowercase, you are going to have issues.

*every software out there is going to capitazlize the first letter
*people all over will refuse to write it with a lowercase only.

*proper names (proper nouns) are written by default in our languages with an upeer case initial latter. This breaks grammaticasl rules and idiomatic rules.

I mean, what is the intent here? To stir up trouble reagrdless?

You can claim that I am the deviant here, but that is not so. These authors apparently willingly disrupt natural language flow in a language that has upper case and lower case letters. What about German? Even regular nouns are capitalized and you want to write it with lowercase.

Apparently Lennart Poettering himself wants the name to be lowercased (he wrote the section on the webpage himself, he told me) (that references the spellin0 but with all due respect, your language skills completely suck if youinsist on writing it lowercased even when writing text athat is supposed to be flowing prose.

It's really cute if you can use monomspaced font in your text when all the rest is sans-serif, you know, so it doesn't trouble you so much, but these are emails.

We have no markup here, it is all monospace, or whatever you ahve.

I mean Lennart is a nice guy when you respond nicely to him and it is pretty nice to talk to him but this is not about him, he doesn't need to write the words that I use, nor are you by definition "his people", itś as if we are now no longer allowed *anywhere* to write it the way we want, another dictatorship? If it concerns him (or his team, fine). Whyshould it concern me the rest of the time?

I should suffer unreadable text because Lennart or someone else has a pecularity about it? I rather doubt he is a guy like that, you know, that we would care what other epople do at the other side of the universie, to him.

But more importantly it makes me question the validity of the Debian project if it identifies with SystemD so much that IT becomes hostile when the name of its components (or one of its components, I was meaning to write) is written in the "wrong" way. That means you are no longer independent people and that's what worries me.

Without taking sides on the question at hand: do you, then, spell the
name of the distribution as DebIan?

Is that the most reasonable capitalisation of that name?

I didn't even know what it stood for, I must say.

But you know full well that people would tire of writing DebIan within a minute, and coincidentally, Debian is the propr form of a proper noun in our language. Most words that are written as ca combination of two tend to become a single noun: Facebook, Wikipedia, it is way too annoying to write it with two capitals. Midway, at least.

But Systemd is not a word, and System is a word, and it stands to reason that you would write either systemd or SystemD. Nothing else makes sense. So then if you need to use capitals to make the text stand out more you use SystemD just like SystemV (or System V) used to be writen. This stands to reason. *I* can't help it that the name conflicts with and offends natural language as we write it. *I* can't hep it that the name interferes with normal grammatical rules. I did not choose the name, why should I suffer for it?

And I think it is just pretty change if you would go so far as to make this a point of contention which makes me feel you have other issues.

Mister the Wanderer, maybe your signature is meaningful here ;-). Or at least, reasonable ;-0).

By the way, again people manage to make a mountain out of a molehill which means to me they really have nothing better to do than this and it maens to me they are wasting their time on what they *are* doing.

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