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Re: lamenting current developments [was: Re: Is missing SysV-init support a bug?]

Adam D. Barratt schreef op 17-10-2016 17:38:
On 2016-10-17 16:04, Bart Schouten wrote:
I also want to just quickly summarize my position here, since some
very long posts were written on this and linked into the thread by

And you then wrote another very long post. We really don't need another one.

Well, I'm glad you're never hostile to anyone else either, Adam.

I did not say those posts were written here (they were blog posts linked in and people were urged to read it) and I do also not intend to start debating, I was just cleaning up old email and I ran across this, and just felt I needed to finish that. Alright?

I am also unsubscribing because the bug reports (are they part of debian-devel?) are too much of a distraction.

It is also pretty remarkable that by their own actions the ones who want to stifle a debate or cut short a chain of messages often act in such a way as to further a new chain of messages to arrive, or arise. By their rudeness and hostility they often prompt more responses when that was never the intent of the original poster. Bug reports made out of a bug report system fall into that category, where they give rise to heated debate when such was never the intent of the reporter; he or she merely wanted to pass something along. A report of something that's not working is then met by hostile responses that question everything that has been said, when the intent was clearly to provide support, not defamation. Maybe you should stop thinking the entire world is against you, you know.

You could also respond with "Well thank you for your opinion, I hope it is closed that way for now."

Or anything of the kind. But no, you choose hostility.

In any case, regards, and cya <-- go ahead and prove me right, right now.

*Shakes head*.

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