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dput: Call for testers: replacing ‘/usr/bin/gpg’ with GPGME

Howdy all,

I am preparing a new version of ‘dput’ that stops using ‘/usr/bin/gpg’,
and instead uses the GPGME library for GnuPG operations.

Currently, as of ‘dput’ version 0.10, GnuPG operations are done by
invoking the ‘/usr/bin/gpg’ command in a subprocess. This is fragile in
several ways, not least that it depends on stream output from the
command to determine the result of operations.

I expect GPGME <URL:https://gnupg.org/related_software/gpgme/> will make
it easier for ‘dput’ to support more systems.

So I am preparing a version of ‘dput’ > 0.10 that will stop using a
specific command path in a subprocess, and instead use the library API.

Before the release I would like to have some testers try the program for

If your packaging workflow has unusual signing practices, or an unusual
GnuPG configuration, your help will be especially valuable to test this

Please contact me at <dput@packages.debian.org> to offer your packaging
system to test this new release.

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Ben Finney

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