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Re: A new tool for backward compatibility analysis of API/ABI interfaces in Deb packages

On 2016-10-06, Ponomarenko Andrey <andrewponomarenko@yandex.ru> wrote:
> The tools are based on different software stacks. 
> The pkg-abidiff is based on ABI Compliance Checker and ABI Dumper tools (https://github.com/lvc)
> developed since 2009.

The ABI compliance checker is the only tool that I have tried that
actually works and doesn't provide any false OK's or false Not-ok's of
what I have noticed so far.

(The only "false not-ok" I've seen, which is also questionable, and only
tagged at medium level is of enums of the construction
enum Modes {
  firstmode = 0,
  secondmode = 1,

where the last one gets renumbered when a fifthmode is added, and only
to be used in loops as end point. But in general it is a style I don't
recommend, and it is also one incredibly hard to autodetect)


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