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Re: RE : Re: Bug#839210: ITP: bash-unit -- bash unit testing enterprise edition framework for professionals

Pascal Grange schreef op 05-10-2016 9:32:

I use this software in a daily basis on debian systems. A small
community is emerging, also using it and asking for easier ways
to install it on Debian systems.

Sounds like good reasons,

Regarding the fact that bash_unit only supports bash, this was a
design decision. I personally stumbled upon too many shell scripts
that started with:


When they where actually using bash specific instructions or
constructs in the code. That was a motivation to be really clear and
specific about the contexts where this testing tool where supposed to

This testing tool supports bash and tries to support it well.

But do take note that on Debian systems there is also an interest to be Dash compatible. At least with me it is.

Particularly scripts that need speed can see great improvements sometimes under Dash.

Which was also the reason for it (hence "dash" a fitting name ;-)).

Bash will run differently when invoked as Sh, by the way.

I applaud your efforts. You say the main difference is that shunit2 requires you to source the file and then run the test as a regular shell script, but that your tool depends on the calling tool to source those things?

To compare: jUnit requires you to source stuff AND it is run by the tool.

But it seems to me that for Bash and other shell scripts the infrastructure to know where to find source scripts is rather missing and sourcing stuff from the right location is always a bit of a pain so I can only see that as a great benefit currently to me at least.

However I do not know about shunit2 and I know very little about Debian policy and should not be saying too much here, but I would personally be inclined to ask foremost if you would have any interest in extending the tool to Dash. Bash scripting is a lot easier but for production systems sometimes there is a reason to change that "fast" code to compatible code. We have the "checkbashisms" script from devscripts and it would not be unkind if the best featured unit testing framework, supposedly, would be a bit in line with that -- I suppose people are also coming from that. Debian does not support any other tool apart from Bash, Dash and Posh, I guess, as shellscripting languages for the system, so it would not be about support C-shells or even Zsh, it would probably, however 'selfishly' be most important for "us here" if the thing supported Dash.

Just saying that that is something I would personally ask and I could wonder if you could comment on that.

(Also for me personally, of course).

Of course the name has "bash" in it but that is something the people at #bash would like ;-). If Bash came to be a bit more of an accepted thing.


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