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Re: package builds crashing under fakeroot

* Graham Inggs <ginggs@debian.org>, 2016-10-04, 12:33:
Not sure how to fix it for aster as apparently building the elements catalog is part of the upstream install run. Maybe the upstream build system can be modified to build that catalog during build, not install?

I'm not really familiar with aster's build system. I happened to upload the last NMU in order to fix a build with PETSc.

Let me see:

$ ./waf --help | grep buildelem
 buildelem                 : execute the build for elements catalog only using an installed Aster (also performed at install)

So it should be a matter of adding "waf buildelem" to override_dh_auto_build... Nope, that would be too easy:

$ ./waf buildelem
Waf: Entering directory `/home/jwilk/aster-11.5.0+dfsg2/build'
No function build_elements defined in /home/jwilk/aster-11.5.0+dfsg2/catalo/wscript

I've filed a bug upstream:

Jakub Wilk

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