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Results for Declassifying debian-private


	This message is an automated, unofficial publication of vote results.
 Official results shall follow, sent in by the vote taker, namely
Debian Project Secretary

	This email is just a convenience for the impatient.
 I remain, gentle folks,

    Your humble servant,
    Devotee (on behalf of Debian Project Secretary)


Starting results calculation at Sun Aug 14 00:00:23 2016

Option 1 "Allow declassifying parts of debian-private"
Option 2 "Further Discussion"

In the following table, tally[row x][col y] represents the votes that
option x received over option y.

              1     2 
            ===   === 
Option 1           86 
Option 2     98       

Looking at row 2, column 1, Further Discussion
received 98 votes over Allow declassifying parts of debian-private

Looking at row 1, column 2, Allow declassifying parts of debian-private
received 86 votes over Further Discussion.

Option 1 Reached quorum: 86 > 43.6548966325657

Dropping Option 1 because of Majority. (0.8775510204081632653061224489795918367347)  0.878 (86/98) < 1

The Schwartz Set contains:
	 Option 2 "Further Discussion"


The winners are:
	 Option 2 "Further Discussion"


The voters have spoken, the bastards... --unknown
DEbian VOTe EnginE
digraph Results {
 "Allow declassifying parts of debian-private\n0.88" [ style="filled" , color="pink", shape=octagon, fontname="Helvetica", fontsize=10  ];
 "Further Discussion" -> "Allow declassifying parts of debian-private\n0.88" [ label="12" ];
 "Further Discussion" [ style="filled" , color="powderblue", shape=egg, fontcolor="NavyBlue", shape=diamond, fontcolor="Red", fontname="Helvetica", fontsize=10  ];

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