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Shared folders


currently the sharing of data like music, videos and fotos is too complex, especially for unexperienced users.
If we want to have a Linux for the masses then we need an easier solution.
An example for the current situation:
A family wants to share their multimedia files and John copies the fotos and videos from the camera to a folder outside of home.
The folder itself has access rights for all. But every newly created file has John's user and group and so the other family members can't access the new files.
So John has to change the access rights for all new files as an extra task each time.

The solution would be to have a shared group which all users are member of. The shared folder has the same group and the group sticky bit is set.
So all new files in this folder get the shared group and all family members can access these files.

My suggestion is to improve the  Linux setup to have the above solution by default. And every newly added user should be member of the shared group by default.
This behavior of cause should be configurable and maybe it is a good idea that the installer asks if the computer is a multiuser machine with shared data and activates the above solution in this case.
Does anyone has a better idea?

Regards, Martin

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