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Status of kbd console-data and console-setup

The freeze date is about three months away and i'd like to know if there are any plans about these packages before then.

The main problem is that currently systemd comes with a partially broken localectl, well explained here:
And in the resulting bug report: #790955

If i understand correctly, the core problem is that kbd doesn't come with keymaps but mandate these to console-setup or console-data. But both carry them in a path unsuitable for localectl.

Console-data package was last updated in 2014, was reported obsolete for a long time and user reporting bug to it are sollecited to migrate to console-setup. For example see the preistoric bug #626680 (still valid). And upstream looks definitely dead.
Why this broken package is still available?

Nowadays localectl from systemd coupled with kbd are able to cover the main job of console-setup, isn't it? I mean setting up console's and X11's keyboard. So i wonder if today isn't better and simpler to finally drop console-data, deliver a kbd package more closer to upstream (with all its keymaps) and possibly adapt console-setup to use the keymaps provided by it.

Moreover, i note that kbd upstream deliver a vlock binary which Debian doesn't. Instead Debian provide a separate and optional "vlock" package, last updated on 2014, but apparently from a different source. So i wonder if wouldn't be useful to deliver also the upstream vlock binary with kbd.

Hope to help.


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