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Re: MBF: Removing old GNOME python bindings

Quoting Emilio Pozuelo Monfort (2016-07-28 23:29:00)
> It is high time that we remove the old GNOME python bindings. We have 
> had the "new" GObject introspection support since at least Squeeze. 
> The old ones are completely unmaintained and unsupported.
> I'd like to get gnome-python, gnome-python-extras, pyorbit, 
> nautilus-python and pygtksourceview removed from testing for the 
> Stretch release. Most of the gnome-python and gnome-python-extras 
> binaries have already been removed. This is the final push.
> Removing pygtk and pygobject-2 may be unreasonable for Stretch, so if 
> that can't happen we'll file bugs soon after the Stretch release (or 
> file them earlier and bump the severity after the release) to get it 
> done for Buster.
> For gnome-python{,-extras}, pyorbit, nautilus-python and 
> pygtksourceview there are 54 reverse dependencies, and only 2 of them 
> are key packages. One of those (cinnamon) doesn't actually need to 
> depend on any of these packages and can just drop the dependency, and 
> the other (hamster-applet) will need to be updated to a new upstream 
> version or get removed as well.

The Sugar project is actively working towards migration from pygtk to 
pygobject but is unlikely to finish that work before the freeze of 
Stretch, unfortunately.

 - Jonas

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