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Re: TMPDIR - Do we also need a drive backed TPMDIR ?

> > Should there be another TPMDIR? Like DTMPDIR, pointing to the
> > underneath disk, where size is limited by the capacity available to
> > partition/disk ?

Why? How would you define line between 'TMPDIR' and 'DTMPDIR'?

For example, I, as happy owner of 8GB RAM, is perfectly fine with 3GB
in /tmp, because I actually use less then 1Gb. On other hand, would I
start 50 instances of Firefox, Gimp and other stuff, I would object
putting 3GB in my /tmp, since it would make system swap.

In summary, only I, as user, can decide whether is fine to put several
gigabytes in tmpfs, and it depends not only on RAM size. And I have such
control by 'export TMPDIR=$HOME/.tmp'.

So regarding problem about debdelta, I think the right solution would
be to put note in manpage, like 'debdelta need several gigabytes in
TMPDIR for proper operation. Adjust TMPDIR accordingly.' and to *not*
complicate programs.

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