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Re: Bug#830624: ITP: xplayer -- Simple media player based on GStreamer.


Please keep the bug report and debian-devel@ in Cc.

On 09/07/16 22:31, Franciscarlos Santos Soares wrote:
> Hi Emilio!
> Thank you for contacting us. In fact, like independent application of any DE, 
> but they were compatible with the traditional look of windows and based on the 
> GTK library. So would provide a good working environment in the old computers 
> that read daily in public schools that work.

I found http://segfault.linuxmint.com/2016/02/the-first-two-x-apps-are-ready/,
which makes things clearer. This seems to be a cross-desktop (Mate, Cinnamon...
XFCE?) project to provide some core apps. Which we wouldn't end up with multiple
forks of the same stuff, and that addresses my concerns.

Maybe the XFCE / Cinnamon / Mate maintainers can confirm if that is indeed the plan.


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