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Re: Thinking about a "jessie and a half" release

Steve McIntyre [2016-07-04 14:01:03+01] wrote:

> it might be useful to do a "jessie and a half" release, [...] That's
> *basically* just like a normal jessie release, but with a few key
> updates:
>  * backports kernel
>  * rebuilt d-i to match that kernel
>  * X drivers
>  * ... (other things that might be needed for consistency)

A short version: I have a "Skylake" chip and motherboard. Debian 8.5
installation worked with the normal 3.16 kernel except that bug #785149
caused trouble with Grub. CPU's built-in graphics work badly with X
window system, even with kernel 4.5.

A long version: I managed to install Debian 8.5 (netinstall) to my new
Skylake machine (MSI Z170A Gaming Pro motherboard + Intel Core i7-6700K
processor). The installation worked fine with kernel 3.16 (network and
DVI-connected monitor). Before doing anything serious I upgraded the
kernel 4.5 from backports (now 4.6).

Problem 1: Debian 8.5 installer couldn't install Grub to /dev/nvme0n1xx
device (NVME M.2 SSD) and the error message didn't say anything useful.
I went through without Grub (I was using expert install mode). I booted
again the installer, chose rescue/recovery mode, chrooted to the new
install and installed grub manually. Then it worked. The issue is
reported as #785149 and there has been some work on it.

Problem 2: CPU's built-in graphics work badly. I tried with kernel 4.5
and with kernel option i915.preliminary_hw_support=1 (as someone
suggested). Couldn't start X window system. Fortunately I have better
graphics card so I don't care that much about the built-in one. Skylake
graphics probably need some yet unreleased kernel version.

> all rolled up with a small installer image build (netinst, maybe
> DVD#1).

I wish it were a standard practice to create new netinst images with
backported kernels. (Even though my actual problems were with
installer's Grub stage.)

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