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Re: Bug#829627: ITP: fatx -- Complete FATX filesystem support

On 07/04/2016 09:38 PM, Christophe DUVERGER wrote:
>   Description     : Complete FATX filesystem support
>  Includes:
>  fusefatx: filesystem mounting using fuse,
>  mkfs.fatx: make filesystem,
>  fsck.fatx: check and correct filesystem,
>  label.fatx: change or display volume name,
>  unrm.fatx: undelete files

Could you please mention in the package description (maybe even
in the short description) that this is the filesystem used by
the XBOX console? I think "FATX" is quite confusing if you have
never heard the term before, so adding "XBOX" will likely make
more sense to people looking at the description.



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