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third-party servers for Debian purposes with minimal DSA effort

Is there any pattern for making servers hosted by third-parties
available for all DDs to log in, similar to a DSA-managed machine, but
without giving DSA the burden of managing such a machine?

One reason I ask about this is for the GSoC/RTC lab servers I am
hosting.  They usually run stable with a few packages from backports.

For such machines that are not hosting production services, it may well
be feasible for a wider range of DDs (e.g. all GSoC mentors) to have
sudo root access and do package updates without raising tickets to DSA.

I found a wiki about how a 100% DSA-managed machine is set up[1], maybe
a subset of these steps could be used for such machines?



1. https://dsa.debian.org/howto/new-machine/

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