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Bad news to CUDA applications (was: Re: GCC 6 & binutils for the Debian stretch release)

Hi all,
(please keep me in CC list)

I'm pointing out a BIG problem introduced by stretch's GCC-6-only plan.

In brief CUDA 8.0~RC fails to work with GCC-6, this conclusion
comes from my local Caffe build log as attached. 
That is to say, after GCC-6 transition *ALL* packages depending
on cuda will get removed from stretch due to FTBFS.

I don't expect Nvidia to release CUDA 8.5 before the stretch
freeze date (Q1 2017), i.e. even a freeze-exception against
cuda might not save this situation. So all maintainers maintaining
CUDA application packages have to face this harsh condition.
Do you have any solution to this problem?

Besides, I cc'ed 2 nvidia guys with a hope that they can provide
some helpful information.

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