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Re: opinions of snappy packages

On 06/19/2016 09:12 PM, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
Hello Bruce,

On Sun, 19 Jun 2016, Bruce Byfield wrote:
I am writing an article about the pros and cons of Ubuntu's snappy
packages, which have recently been ported to a number of major

If anyone has any experience with them, I would appreciate hearing their
opinions, especially about how they compare to debs.
Unfortunately, while they might have done some work to make it available
on other distributions, they have not taken the time to upload the package
to Debian.

This is an annoying habit for many of their projects and it might be a
part of the reason why many of their interesting projects do not really
take off.

$ apt search snapcraft
Sorting... Done
Full Text Search... Done
$ apt show lxd
N: Unable to locate package lxd
E: No packages found

Same for Unity and many other things that I would have tried when they
marketed them.

Also, comparing to Flatpak I don't see anything why I would choose snappy packages (and comparing Libreoffice Flatpak vs Libreoffice snap package is insane - I do not want suddenly all Linux packages start using my disk space because I just have it - I rather prefer having 10GB of system and 490GB for my data than 200GB of system vs 300GB for my data). Also it seems that Canonical wants to build central repository from where others should fetch snap packages while flatpak is openly distributed among people, distros etc.

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