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Re: Problem with Google APT repo

Quoting Greg Stark (2016-06-17 16:02:56)
> Weird. I'm getting this:
> Err:1 http://dl.google.com/linux/talkplugin/deb stable/main amd64
> google-talkplugin amd64
>   Hash Sum mismatch
> But as far as I can see the file I get at that URL from my browser
> does in fact match the md5sum and sha1 in the package description. As
> far as I can tell this either means there's a bug in APT or there's a
> bug in the web service that is giving different content depending on
> whether it's APT downloading or my web browser when I download the
> file manually.

Suggestion for that second suspicion: Add a proxy (e.g. approx¹) to the 

 - Jonas

¹ Newer alternatives exist, but I have found approx simplest to setup
(anyone please do prove me wrong!)

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