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Command line frontend for services that require single sign-on


I have just prototyped this:

Who would like to give it a try and make it grow?

From the README:

  # Debian Single Sign-On client
  Prototype client script for services behind the
  [Debian Single Sign-On](https://wiki.debian.org/DebianSingleSignOn).
  At the moment this is just a proof of concept to see if it can be done, and it
  looks promising.
  The script tries to get Single Sign-On keys out of 
  [the browser certificate storage](http://blog.avirtualhome.com/adding-ssl-certificates-to-google-chrome-linux-ubuntu/),
  and connect to <https://nm.debian.org/api/whoami> using them.
  The script needs to write the secret keys to a temporary directory, so make
  sure `$TMPDIR` points to volatile or encrypted storage.
  It requires `$DEBEMAIL` to be set to the Single Sign-On username.
  Dependencies: `libnss3-tools`, `openssl`, `python3-requests`.
  ## TODO
  This could become a lot of things:
   * a script to send signed statements to applications on `nm.debian.org`.
   * a script that negotiates new keys with sso.debian.org and pushes them into
     the browser, without the need for `<keygen>`.
   * a script that removes expired keys from the browser.
   * a command line front end to all sort of Debian services that require


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