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How to move from contrib to main

Hi all,

I am the maintainer of the packages wcslib and wcslib-contrib which both
start from the same source tarball. The version and release numbers are
currently identical.

The wcslib package builds everything that can be built without non-free
packages, while the -contrib package depends on PGPLOT and builds the
remaining stuff (and is not in main, but in contrib). Both build library

wcslib        -->  libwcs5
wcslib-contrib --> libpgsbox5

Now, I found and packaged the "giza" library which is basically a free
drop-in-replacement for pgplot. I would now like to merge the two
source packages into one.

Can I just do that, create a new version of wcslib that includes a new
version of libpgsbox5? Since strictly spoken contrib is not a part of
Debian, this should be not violate the policy, right? And since I would
then (ask to) remove the old wcslib-contrib package, everything should
be smoothly for the users. Or do I miss something?

What is the best recommendation here?

Best regards


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