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Detecting install vs upgrade in postinst

The postinst script for linux-image-* behaves differently on fresh
installation vs upgrade.  For a fresh installation, it updates the
default symlinks /vmlinuz and /initrd.img to point to the new kernel
and initramfs versions.  On upgrade it generally doesn't.

I've been rewriting and simplifying the scripts, and in my testing I
realised that if a package is installed, removed and installed a second
time it sees the second installation as an upgrade - which I think is
incorrect.  It currently detects an upgrade based on whether the second
argument to the postinst script is non-empty, and that's defined as
'the mostly recently configured version'.

Is there a simple way that a postinst script can tell that the
previously configured version was removed?  Or do I have to use some
sort of flag file?  (I can imagine either creating this in the preinst,
or creating it in postinst and removing it in postrm.)


Ben Hutchings
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